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Our mission:

Meditate & Donate extends a warm invitation to those in pursuit of purposeful and meaningful lives, encouraging them to become part of a movement that harnesses the power of meditation for both personal enrichment and broader societal impact.

Our mission, at its core, is straightforward: to establish a universal circle of care and compassion that exerts its influence at both individual and collective levels.

We extend a heartfelt welcome to fellow meditators, whether seasoned or just embarking on their meditation journey, to partake in our guided sessions. In return, we offer them a unique opportunity to contribute to organizations dedicated to frontline efforts in cancer care and other noble causes.

We firmly believe that the most authentic expression of one's inner growth is manifested through positive actions in the external world. By nurturing our own well-being first, we stand better equipped to provide much-needed support to those who may require it.

We invite you to join us for a session, and should you find it beneficial, we humbly request that you consider expressing your gratitude through a gesture of support. That's the extent of our ask.


Our team: 

Meditate & Donate embodies a lifelong journey dedicated to nurturing a meaningful life. For us, meaning and purpose take shape in the midst of awareness and compassion, qualities that create harmony both within and without. 

We firmly believe that these qualities are intrinsic to our humanity and require continuous nurturing, demanding our dedication and attention to flourish and make a significant impact.

Furthermore, we hold that our daily practices, choices, and actions shape not just our individual lives but also the lives of others on this planet.

Meditation acts as a conduit, allowing us to explore our connections with fellow beings and the universe at large. We look forward to sharing our practice with you.


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