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The Rain is Everywhere

When my master and I were walking in the rain, he would say, "Do not walk so fast, the rain is everywhere. - S. Suzuki

This represents a Zen state of mind, where we can liken the rain to the challenges and hardships life presents.

In this context, the Zen master's guidance, "Don't walk so fast," carries a profound message. It encourages us to refrain from hasty reactions, urging us to embrace a more tranquil pace, to breathe, and to respond with mindfulness. While the ego tends to react impulsively, consciousness or the higher self responds, and this response holds a depth of wisdom. True responsiveness necessitates presence and grounding.

Rain, as a symbol of life's challenges, is indeed ubiquitous and unceasing. However, through the practice of meditation and deconditioning, we enhance our capacity to navigate life. Instead of being ensnared by life's intricacies, we master them.

Zen, with its core practice of Zazen or Zen meditation, provides a pathway to transcend the constructs and snares of life. Over time, Zen becomes more than a practice; it evolves into a way of life, enabling us to approach life's trials with equanimity and wisdom.


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